School Project Entries 2022

London South Bank University

The Temple of New Enlightenment: A Beacon of Nature in the Age of Ecology
The old notion of equality and justice has become obsolete. Humans have reached a stage where almost every ecosystem is in a state of decline. This pr... read on
Margarita Andreeva Andreeva
Sevenoaks Sustainable Education and Energy Centre
The project explores energy and infrastructure issues, which are one of the most important issues we are facing in our contemporary society. The propo... read on
Michael Jon Crook
Lucid Infrastructure
Located in Earl's Court, the brief called for an investigation into symbiotic relationships between living conditions and civic spaces celebrating the... read on
Bradley Spencer
The Architecture of the (Evolving) Home
Despite being a city of rich narrative history, mature villages, and longstanding communities, London’s domestic architectural language is one of tran... read on
T. Percival