School Project Entries 2018

University of Liverpool

Sculpting the Void
‘Sculpting the Void’ is about exploring the potential of Stoke-on-Trent to redevelop itself after industrial decline in the Mid-20th Century. The city... read on
Ben Sampson Alex Mccoy Minn Tang Janet Durkin
Liverpool Fragments
During the Blitz, Liverpool’s city centre was severely damaged. After research, Blitz ruins are reconstructed to form a landscaped park. In the middle... read on
Zhaoxi Tian
Nuclear Thermae
Nuclear Thermae explores how we build the infrastructure necessary to manage the 4.9 million tonnes of radioactive waste the UK will produce over the ... read on
Kurtis Gentry
This thesis explores housing based on the social, political and cultural results of automation. Set in 2030, it foresees that large office towers have... read on
Harry Lewis Saskia Furman George Clarke Oliver Bennison