School Project Entries 2021

University of Liverpool

Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass, a design for an Art Hub amongst the remains and grounds of St Luke’s Church in Liverpool, looks to continue and enhance the... read on
James Langlois
The Birds Embassy
Nowadays humans tend to be the leader of the world, and animals and plants are forced to be controlled by the human. But now under the COVID-19 situat... read on
Qinxian Zheng Tianli Zhang Zhenhao Xu Tin Shing Tim Tsoi
What is Comfort? A Manual to Disrupt the ‘Norm’ of Domestic Architecture
The research within this thesis project is timely, as in recent years collective programmes developed outside of the home have moved inside. Advances ... read on
Joseph Willoughby Felicity Morris Emily Niven
If Tea Could Talk
Like architecture, food is intertwined into our everyday lives and intrinsically connected to living sustainably in a healthy built environment. This ... read on
Anan Tian