School Project Entries 2021

University of Hong Kong

Neighbourhoods in Section: Rethinking Residential Tower
Housing design in Hong Kong has evolved through time. As the city’s density increases and technology progresses, residential buildings are growing tal... read on
Cheryl Lee
Slope Co-operative: Envisioning Novel Podium Design and Structural System for Wan Chai, Hong Kong
This project attempts to liberate the ground through the V shape bending of the shear wall - a structural prototype - and looks at how podium can be a... read on
Hae Jin Lee
Urban Archive: Rethinking Time and Weathering in the Design Process
The fate of architecture in postindustrial cities like Hong Kong includes rapid erasure and reconstruction—an efficient, often linear process that ten... read on
Subin Park
Diagnosing our home: X-ray as a new tool in examining and re-designing Hong Kong residential tower
Through examining existing Hong Kong high-rise residential tower design and occupant’s behaviour under the impact of Covid- 19, the thesis aims to sha... read on
Tsz Yan Wong