School Project Entries 2017

University of Greenwich

24 Hour Soho Entertainment Centre
The project is based in Soho on Berwick street and It’s designed to host the Berwick market as well as proposing a new concert hall. Using adaptabilit... read on
Andrei-Ciprian Cojocaru
SOM Winner
Colour and Light: A New Restoration Centre & Pigment Workshop at The National Gallery
The project seeks to reveal, to the public, the esoteric world of painting restoration and traditional pigment manufacture at the National Gallery. ... read on
Iulia Cistelecan
Four Mills Island: A Mediated Political Party Conference Centre
Sited in East London, this political party conference island allows multiple parties to simultaneously host their annual conferences. The centre uses ... read on
Matthew Buckley
The Suburbs of Perfect Brightness
This project questions the current proliferation in use (and miss-use) of (overly) simplified cultural motifs by western architects in Beijing. By exa... read on
De He