School Project Entries 2021

University of Greenwich

Seed Archive for the Far Future
Responding to R.Koolhaas’ Guggenheim exhibition “Countryside, the future” the brief invited to contemplate how urgent problems within the rural enviro... read on
Jekabs Barzdins
Barking’s Steel Lung
This is a master-planning project seeking to aid the environmental and social development of Barking and Dagenham. The project will be proposed to the... read on
Amendra Madipola
Temple of Memento Mori
Our ever-growing thirst for technology and technological advancement is creating a new, scarred landscape that marks and destroys ecologies across the... read on
Ayumi Konishi
Yumiko’s Kawaii Land, Portishead
In Adrian Forty's Words and Buildings (2004) 64 different kinds of 'character' are discussed in relation to architecture, but cuteness is not on this ... read on
Jichen Fan