School Project Entries 2021

University of Plymouth

[Un]Settled Waters: A Tale of Revolving Evolving Archetypes
The [Un]settled Waters Project applies the scientific backdrop of the Seagrass Conservation to the perceived understanding of nature, expressing itsel... read on
Harrison Loelock
The Parallel of Change
The Parallel of Change is a poetic narrative of the role of the physical environment in the creation and recall of memory and dreams. The proposed soa... read on
Georgina Cameron
To [Re]Build a Community
To [Re]Build a Community focuses on combating Stonehouse's wicked problem, a series of social, political and cultural issues, through the use of polyp... read on
Niall Hamilton
Inhabiting New Commonscapes
Expanding scales of urbanisation, planetary roots of socio-economic issues, and climate breakdown make it necessary to challenge inherited understandi... read on
Mohamed Naseer