School Project Entries 2021

Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism

Collective Housing in Bucharest
Situated at the juxtaposition of two different housing typologies, our project combines their characteristics into a multi-family residential ensemble... read on
Adrian Andrei Cristina Stoica
Extension of the National Institute of Heritage, Bucharest
I wanted to integrate through the proposed volume the patrimony house into the project and the project into the actual tissue. Therefore, I proposed j... read on
Adrian Andrei
Fishmarket in Urayasu, Tokyo
Historically a very important fishing hub for Tokyo, Urayasu today has extended considerably over its limits. The main goal of the project was to inte... read on
Ilona Pantaze
Neacsu's Library from Campulung
This project is a way to celebrate 500 years since the first known document in Romanian was written (Neac?u's letter from Câmpulung). The site is the ... read on
Alma Baciu