School Project Entries 2017

Queen's University Belfast

The Garden of Belfast Delights
The Garden of Belfast Delights looks at the Northern Irish city of the future beset by climate-change induced flooding and accelerated immigration. Dr... read on
Rebecca-Jane McConnell
Innovate to Conserve – Whiskey Distillery in Ballycastle
With the passing of time and negligence, Ballycastle, a town situated in the North Coast of Ireland, has witnessed its decadence and gradually lost th... read on
Luca Garoli
Na Mara… (‘Of the Sea’)
‘Na Mara’ is a project sited by the harbour of Ballycastle, a Northern Irish town that overlooks the Northern Channel - the body of water between Uls... read on
James Stirrat
Weathered Memory – Appeals Courthouse in Jedburgh, Scotland
Weathered Memory analyses the weathering potential on the façade of a building and the contribution of this to the memory in Jedburgh. Built in sandst... read on
James Foskett