School Project Entries 2022

Queen's University Belfast

Sandy Grow
Sandy Grow explores the use of temporary greenhouses as a ‘taster’ introduction to self- sustainable neighbourhoods in Belfast. The vacant site curren... read on
Malgorzata Weronika Migut
A Treatise on Palimpsest
The awkward beauty of old buildings has always intrigued me. I believe there is always something more to be made from their condition. Whether it be a... read on
Alexander Knowles
Closing the Global Heritage Deficit
Closing the Global Heritage Deficit, we are preserving less today than ever before, is a critique of our inability to take full advantage of the exist... read on
Matthew Graham
The Sandbank Refractory
The Sandbank Refractory is a composition of different conditions of flexible social and learning settings. The building initially functions as a recyc... read on
Sara Wiktoria Sokolowska-Katzer