School Project Entries 2021

Birmingham City University

Neo Agri[Culture]s
As of the year 2051, Moseley Village is the home to the last cow in the UK. With overconsumption and greed overcoming us, cows have become an endanger... read on
Emily Haigh
Escape To Lavender Hill!
Taking inspiration from Battersea’s rich cinematic heritage, the project creates a regeneration of place through themes of escapism, trauma and nostal... read on
Huma Mahmood
Material Composition of the Civic Collection
A collection of cellular study spaces used by visiting scholars to the University of Birmingham. Exploring the relationship between the occupant and t... read on
Thomas Willington
Identity Revival
This project seeks to provide an apparatus for the existing and future population of Moseley, where the community can passively experience and underst... read on
Diana Grigorie