School Project Entries 2017

University of Lincoln

Decay & Renewal: An Interdisciplinary Approach
There is a monumental program of infrastructure which keeps New York City in perpetual motion, notably the densest of any city in the United States. E... read on
Tom Butler-Weeks
Burrow Hall: A Stately Home for the Master Mariner
The project looks at designing a Stately Home for the Master Mariner, the immortal titular character from Nicholas Monsarrat’s epic seafaring novel, “... read on
Joseph Istance
The Bridge to Total Freedom; A Cathedral of Scientology
The project is an examination and exploration into Scientology which began with investigation into the Religion using proxy resources such and film an... read on
William Handyside
Displacement - A Catalyst to Regenerate Scarborough
The notion of invisible / visible spaces and deprived hotels were extracted from the film; The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, which subsequently lead... read on
Daniel Kemp