School Project Entries 2017

University of Brighton

The Commoners’ Hearth
This project focuses on the impact that humans have on landscapes, which are perceived as natural. The Ashdown forest is a protected landscape that ha... read on
Louise Fisher
A Voice from the Environment
'A Voice from the Environment' defines the role of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) located in Hastings, UK, in an era when the worl... read on
Gary Kachun Fung
Public Houses as Food Production Centres In 2061
In 2061, this project speculates a timeline of events, resulting in the repurposing of England’s Pubs as growing centres. The project is demonstrated ... read on
Alisha Gould
The Diaspora Project
The focus of this project is the refugee crisis in Northern Greece. The project has initiated a series that explore the complexity of the crises and c... read on
Ryan Shedden