School Project Entries 2021

University of Brighton

An Almost Invisible Architecture of Shelters, Shacks, Sheds, Spaces, Tracks, and Bridges…
My project began with the idea of building a bridge in Hamsey, north of Lewes. It would cross a small tidal river to an island where a little shed wou... read on
Esranur Yagiz
The Timely Proxemics of a Post-Human Social Condenser Phalanstery
The project turns to the ideology of 1920s Constructivists and the Social Condenser: buildings with an ambition to support lives through sport, cultur... read on
Harry Harwood
Beyond Monoculture
Beyond mono-culture is a design research project questioning the ubiquity of single-family housing in rural locations in the UK. It proposes a new mo... read on
Regina Nakansere
Holborn School of Ceramics: Enriching the Public Realm through Material Reappropriation and the Development of Urban Pathways
The contemporary scene of Central London’s architectural landscape is far from stagnant. The skyline is almost continually littered with cranes and sc... read on
Peter Garfath