School Project Entries 2022

University for the Creative Arts

The Black City and the White Garden
"The unease and explosion in gas prices due to current world issues raises questions over the use of gas and oil within the U.K. The proposition t... read on
William Charles Daniel Guare
Climate Action Assembly
Climate Action Assembly provides a hub for environmental NGOs, scientists and climate activists. The modular, temporary and nomadic forum can be assem... read on
Keerthigan Thavaseelan
Fragmented Gardens: A Re-imagination of the Urban 'Greenspace'
The term green space describes an area of vegetation in an otherwise urban environment reserved for recreational or aesthetic purposes. Unfortunately,... read on
Ethan Joseph Burley
Chisehale Mental Wellness Centre
Chisenhale Mental Wellness Centre has been designed to promote healing and treatment of mental illness within Tower Hamlets. The design works to integ... read on
Joseph Williams