School Project Entries 2017

University of New South Wales

Earth and Sky
In response to an existing cultural meeting place, the viewing of the sky and the inhabiting of the earth are used to organise the program for an Obse... read on
Penny Fraser
Space Between
Coming to fruition from investigation into the growth trends in Australian Cities, ‘Space between’ is a response to the potential of forgotten space w... read on
James Hargrave
Active Ageing in An Island Of Suzhou
This project will create series of workshops and a theatre for elderly people. The aim of my project is to retain the historical value of the traditio... read on
Yitong Wang
Excavating the Edge: Kalgoorlie Superpit
‘Excavating the Edge’ explores a new kind of city, one that shifts from Australia’s densely populated coast to its under-utilised centre. The Superpit... read on
Jessica Gottlieb