School Project Entries 2017

University of the West of England

Sculptural Informatics: Gestalt Art Therapy in South Wiltshire
South Wiltshire has evolved over time; however, it is the relics of its old industries that have developed it as a tourist hub. The aim of this develo... read on
Muhammad Ogunniyi
Denmark’s National Centre for Music – The Jazz Spa
The building sits in a master-planned site within Copenhagen. The masterplan is structured with an integrated canal system, connected to the harbour. ... read on
James House
The Language Exchange
Southampton, like many UK cities, struggles with an increasingly diverse population. New economic migrants live in segregated neighbourhoods, divided ... read on
Constance Gregory
Amongst the Pines
Based on the work of industrial designer Shubhendu Sharma, Amongst the Pines is a project supporting the afforestation and reconditioning of disused c... read on
Luke Carnaby