School Project Entries 2018

Sheffield Hallam University,

The Textile Tool Library
The “Textile Tool Library” is a response to the growth of Glasgow as a commercial centre which resulted in the loss of the city’s local history, cultu... read on
Callum Skinner
The Hydroponic Memoirs
This thesis explores how the activity of gardening & growing fresh produce can be used as a way to bring the socially segregated generations of Lithua... read on
Rory Canham
District Shanghai / A People Power Game
District Shanghai is a platform for reinforcing autonomy in Lithuania’s deprived neighbourhood, Snipiskes (known as Shanghai). Designed as a neighb... read on
Catalina Ionita
Creative Clyde: People Make Glasgow
Creative Clyde is an ambitious proposal aimed at ameliorating the social and economic disparity between the West and East ends of Glasgow. In a city w... read on
Philippa Humphries