School Project Entries 2018

Kingston University

Surbiton Yatai
The Surbiton Yatai is a mobile live build project designed collectively by students and tutors in collaboration with The Community Brain; a local comm... read on
Austin Stapleton Arjun Singh Youjin Cui Maija Pajanen Alexia Alvarez Reyes Ziad Bakr Verity Parson Rohith Kakkoprath Edayilveedu Britt Crayston Rosie Cheng Jason Jennings Dan Rooke Serina Harb Alexander Fedyk Darren Maskell Elle Bytautaite Matt Wynn Gemma Thompson Salah Krichen Ben Tynegate
A City Church
The project is a City Church proposed as a newfound monument set within the context of East London’s Commercial Road. Monumental in its form, yet inti... read on
Annas Mojaddidi
The Whitechapel Palazzo: A Gift to the City
The brief is to develop a proposal whose primary function is an art school specialising in sculpture taking reference from the 16th century Roman pala... read on
Hugo Rowland
Place, Form, Matter
The project is the meditation between place, form and matter. It starts with an aspiration to make a gathering space, held by buildings, secluded t... read on
Paula Bloma