School Project Entries 2021

University of Westminster

The Design School as a Monument to Fire Prevention
This interdisciplinary experimental School of Architecture aims to develop, test and implement bioengineered construction materials and methods throug... read on
Momchil Petrinski
Heathrow Mycelium Factory Village
In opposition to Heathrow airport’s proposed third runway expansion this project envisages new sustainable industries for this area instead of the env... read on
Shu Chung
The Rotherhithe Cooperative Press
Newspapers are dying and with them an integral part of London’s civic life and our tacit skillset is at risk of extinction. The Rotherhithe Cooperativ... read on
Rebecca Gardner
A New Home for ‘Hope’: Whitechapel’s Proposed Women’s Refuge and Community Theatre
This project attempts to address the sociopolitical issues affecting Whitechapel’s community today. It provides a refuge and theatre for the community... read on
Gabriela MacAllister