School Project Entries 2017

University of Chile

Todo es Cancha: Border of Recreational and Neighborhood Equipment
The project "Todo es Cancha" approaches from architecture the way of transforming amateur football fields of Santiago (Chile) into public spaces of hi... read on
Sebastián Simonetti Grez
Urban-Rural Link Complex
Urban-rural link complex Our project is located in a city in the south of Chile, where the rainy weather makes it difficult for people to enjoy pub... read on
Angelo Rivera Aaron Hebel Alejandro Soto
Parque de los Antiguos Oficios (Ancient Trades Park)
The iconic antiques shop in Balmaceda Street, right in the heart of Santiago, hides something that we all long to see. There, carpentry and furniture ... read on
Juan Pablo Valdés Patricio Muñoz Nicolás Tolchinsky
Ethnobotanical Laboratory of Significance
Faced with regional desertification, the Aymara ethnobotany emerges as an opportunity to heal the deteriorating landscape. The architectural infrastru... read on
Gonzalo Ibáñez