School Project Entries 2021

University of Kent

Hawkhurst Inc.
Hawkhurst Inc's intentionally ambiguous premise is that there is an increasing tension between architectural history and heritage, and the future impe... read on
James Hatton
Routes to Root
‘’Routes to Root” is proposed for the sequence of growing, knowing, and learning spaces to establish and elevate social interaction between the locals... read on
Nuriye Celik
A Bus Towards Betterment: Fuelling Communities’ Creativity and a Celebration of Diversity
For many people who are seeking asylum in the UK, Kent may be seen as a gateway towards a life away from oppression, conflict, religious persecution a... read on
George Bamford
The Roots of Shoreditch
The neglected inner-city neighbourhood that was once colonised by immigrant communities and underground subcultures has been slowly ‘Gentrifying’ sinc... read on
Sophie Ryder