School Project Entries 2017

Universidad Piloto de Colombia

A Cultural Promenade
The centre of Ibagué city presents transformations in its cultural value caused by the evolution of the city, the problem is the disarticulation betw... read on
Andres Felipe Vilanueva Carolina Martinez Alejandra Betancourt Elisa Arbelaez
Identity And Historical Memory As Urban Structures. The Urban Villa Project, A New Way Of Dwelling In Cajicá, Colombia
This Identity conceived from the particular (town) to the universal (cosmos), manifests the transition hub of public space which interlaces highlighte... read on
Maria Alejandra Jimenez Suarez
Entailment Dwelling, Landscape and Territory
The project is located to the west of the urban area of the municipality of Cajica, in an area residential characteristic of the urban expansion that ... read on
Felipe Mosquera Mellissa Cante