School Project Entries 2017

University of Sheffield

Mystery Play Archive and Theatre
My final thesis project was a personal interpretation of an archive and performance venue for the York Mystery Plays. Dealing with a revived medieval ... read on
Andreea Daniela Ditu
Promenade' is a theatre and an architectural idea. A new promenade theatre in York continues the city’s long tradition of mystery plays. Without fo... read on
Yuxin Wu
Rethinking Democracy in God’s Own Country
Speculating upon current political trends, the project imagines Yorkshire declaring independence from the UK, led by a charismatic yet demagogic Every... read on
Matthew Bloomfield
The Threshold: Home of Many Worlds
Set within Offenbach, a prototype ‘Arrival City’ in Germany comprising 156 nationalities, the proposal seeks to address the extremely high migrant pop... read on
Hannah Pether