School Project Entries 2018

University of Sheffield,

Delusions of Grandeur
Set within a dystopian London, ruled by ‘The Regime’, the project proposes a national broadcast house for an ecofascist, dictatorial government who ha... read on
Luke Moran Mansel Haynes
Between the Spaces
My architectural approach explores the idea of elevating the experience of transitional spaces within a building. The thresholds connecting programmat... read on
Holly Harbour
The Scarborough Paradise Spa
Taking inspirations from Scarborough’s historical relationship with water, the spa house is bringing back the faded identity that has been lost. The s... read on
Amirhossein Daryoushnezhad
The Arcade of the Arts
The Arcade of the Arts is a performing arts centre that provides rehearsal studios, workshops and performance venues for a collective of local artists... read on
David Hodgson