School Project Entries 2017

University of Teknologi MARA

Tri-Motion: Proposed Activity Core for Design-based Students
A place to resolve, relax and release, Tri-Motion fulfils the needs of design-based students for germane spaces to do assignments and academic-relate... read on
Abdul Azim Bin Abd Rahman
Flux Mechanism: Activity Core For Design-Based Students In Uitm Puncak Alam
Design-based students are confined to the monotonous rigidity of their scholarly undertakings, constrained by enclosed walls of class rooms and studio... read on
Muhammad Adri Imran Bin Ramli
Project [X] Institute of Extraordinary Youngsters
Project [X] Institute of Extraordinary Youngsters is a hypothetical project explaining the idea on how architecture could enhance and fabricate human ... read on
Mohamad Azizi bin Noor Azman
Georgetown Design Cultivation Museum: Rectifying Social Architecture
Georgetown Design Cultivation Museum is a center to rectify social architecture for stimulation of creative talent in society by reclaiming public spa... read on
Iryady Redzuan Bin Rozaidi