School Project Entries 2017

City School of Architecture, Colombo, Sri Lanka

School of Fine Arts, Colombo
The neighbourhood where this Art School is located contains many technical institutes, with a stark and rigid atmosphere. Therefore building something... read on
Devmin Wickremasinghe
Proposed Plastic Re-Use Training & Promotional Center in Bluemandhal, Colombo
Community oriented Training and Promotional centre for “Reuse” plastic waste, was proposed in an abandoned garbage dump. Design approach of “Reuse” co... read on
Rasika Maladugala
Library of Sri Lankan Culture, Colombo 07
The Library of Sri Lankan Culture brings together a divided nation by using elements from traditional architecture of all ethnicities together, with a... read on
Shan Samuel
Kalametiya Nature Centre
The project forms a link to help rejuvenate and conserve a deteriorating ecosystem. This building built in a sensitive environment connects architectu... read on
S.Trinuki Fernando