School Project Entries 2021

Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus

Healing the Area in Between
The area in between refers to the rural areas on the highway connecting two of the most urbanized areas in Lebanon, Beirut and Saida. By the end of th... read on
Khaled Hammoud
Post-Humanistic Data Center
A global catastrophic risk may occur on earth leading to the extinction of humanity and civilization. Therefore, all the data needed to restore life w... read on
Dana Al Mamlouk
EX-Machina - National Parasite
The definition of [Ex-Machina] means “god from the machine”. A device anciently used by gods to resolve insoluble disruptions. Paranoia states a form ... read on
Shadi Osta
Post Pandemic Healthcare Center
Following the Covid-19 Pandemic, Lebanon, as of most of the rest of the world faced a major crisis regarding space, and its availability for well-equi... read on
Mohammad Arnaout