School Project Entries 2022

Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus

Mind the Gap
This project indulges in finding synergies between the emerging potential of fungi (mycelium), and its role in restoring Anthropogenic lands. As descr... read on
Mohammad Mostafa Al Arnaout
Seaweed Biomachine Factory
The zouk powerplant is considered as a death node of the Zouk Mosbeh Area, terminating cancer and a non-functional powerplant for the area. The Seawee... read on
Louay Mahmoud Ghezzawi
The Ultimate Secret Path [Mountains-Coast and Sea]
The project aims to design a ‘Sustainable Airport’ applying principles of sustainability and eco-friendly architecture through a promising conceptuali... read on
Khaled Adnan Kojok
Dynamic Scales: Re[CON]figuration of Flora and Fauna
The rehabilitation of RENÉ MOUAWAD AIRPORT in KLEYAT is topic that has resurfaced multiple times in the past decades; however, it was never utilized o... read on
Mohamad Nour Maher Abo Amou