School Project Entries 2021

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

The Last Straw: A Case for Reuse. Ratho Community Centre
Designed for a circular economy in the built environment, THE LAST STRAW explores the potential of reusing a soon-to-be-demolished shed on the outskir... read on
Gergana Negovanska
Rionnach Maoim
This project explores the power of language – strong style, single words – to shape our sense of place. It is a word hoard of the astonishing lexis fo... read on
Lewis Brown
Vestiges of the Material and the Immaterial: An Extension to Dulwich Picture Gallery
Weaving a new, community driven, collaborative programme into Dulwich Picture Gallery’s existing interior and exterior landscape; the proposal reactiv... read on
Amelia Brown
Tanah/Air: Casting Interspecial Shadows
Anthropocentric approaches to the countryside (kampung, palm plantations, farms, aquaculture ponds, motorways) are destroying and fragmenting untouche... read on
Toufiq Andry Guruh Bin Mohamad Juahir