School Project Entries 2022

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

The Agri/Aqua-Cultural Guild of Depolderisation
The Guild enacts a strategic deconstruction of the polder landscape south of the island abbey of Mont Saint-Michel on the Normandy coast. It seeks to ... read on
Daniel Stephen Cutler Charlie William Donaldson
Drafting & Re-Drafting: The Institute of an Account of the Mont-Saint-Michel Littoral Landscape
The Island Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel is seen as a tablature on which to witness, measure, appraise and strategize the temporal landscape of the vast ... read on
Jonathan Pilosof Amy Charlotte Drabble
Common Ground | Leith
Public housing estates often face physically and socially intertwined challenges. Hostile landscaping and an inadequate provision of shared amenities ... read on
Inka Eismar
A Scarcity of Attention // Plans for 111-115 Constitution Street
Motivated by a desire to consider how we care for our urban environment, current issues of food security, material waste and social justice, this proj... read on
Felix Wilson