School Project Entries 2021

Mackintosh School of Architecture

Landscape, Culture, Energy
Plug-in/capsule architecture usually delivers the idea and its visual expression rather than the practicality it visually implies. Nowadays, the poten... read on
Pu Zhang
Framing & Containing
Narratives, invisible yet present. The scheme's purpose is to discover and engage in overarching yet specific events throughout space and time; To mak... read on
Mentor Voyatzakis
The Atlas of the North
Through the anthropomorphization of architecture, we have given buildings life. They have bones and a skin that breathes, they hold senses and memory.... read on
Maisie Tudge
A Re-establishment of Making to the Narrative of the Clyde
We all occupy the places of people who have gone before us; those never known, forgotten or half remembered. Today's fast and instant culture often fo... read on
Alexander (Sandy) Vile