School Project Entries 2019

University of Huddersfield

The Print Palace
Today’s society tends to accept that form is more important than that of process. We glorify finished objects in galleries whilst the imperfect proces... read on
Jonathan Pateman
Entry Title: Pasaje Frontera
Thresholds Boundaries and edges no longer mark the end, the periphery, the outskirt. But stand as host to the take off of a new vernacular. We ask: “W... read on
Niza Nyimbili
An Choi
An Choi – Hostel, hotel, culture centre, urban farm. The building is an exploration of urban farming through aquaponics, but also acts as a connect... read on
Lara Miller
Living Cloth
For many years Vietnam has enjoyed a strong tradition of textile production. Weaving and embroidery techniques have been taught throughout the generat... read on
Christopher Nils Shaw