School Project Entries 2021

University of Huddersfield

Typological Hybridity: The Integrated Urban Stadium
A speculative deconstruction of the existing physical and functional typology of stadia utilising conceived constructs of hybridity to reimagine the c... read on
Jordan Halliday
Window to the Past Immersive Centre
The Wulong Village is an area that faced a tumultuous history. In the recent years, multiple demolitions took place, leaving the village deserted. Onc... read on
Adriana Negrila
The Aquatic Heritage Centre
In a place that evolved with fishing techniques, alongside a source of water, Haiyan Village is a place filled with history, and the Aquatic Heritage ... read on
Alexandru-Stefan Costea
Dirtbag Cathedral
The Dirtbag Cathedral is a speculative project combining philosophical posthumanism, rock climbing and notation. In essence, the self organising struc... read on
Rebecca Smith