School Project Entries 2021

Liverpool John Moores University

Sentai Onsen
Sentai Onsen brings Japanese Sento bathing culture to Queen's Dock, Liverpool. The neglect of the dock since its heyday in the 18th century has insp... read on
Regan Lee
The House of Rally
The Northern Powerhouse Assembly Over the recent past there have been significant upheavals in the political landscape. These events are oft-cited ... read on
Kuok Fung Ling
One Earth – Biodiversity Reintroduction Center
(The content of this entry was removed at the request of the author) ... read on
Georgia Baldwin
Re-Imagining an Urban-Based Timber Yard
“Dingle Timber Factory” investigates the co-existence of ‘Work’, ‘Learn’ and ‘Live’, building upon the industrial heritage of the Dingle and the maste... read on
Shafiq Ali Shariff Ali