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Civil Aviation Facility at Kannur - an interlacing of visual perception and visitor comfort

Part 1 Dissertation 2004
Seejo Purushothaman
Manipal University Manipal India
Civil Aviation facility at Kannur- Facilitates the travel of domestic passengers in India to fly to and fro kannur, kerala. The facility shall be the gateway to explore the north Malabar region. The project shall be initiative in raising the standard of living in the region.
The main aim was to achieve a complexity in the design within the constraints set by the governing bodies in the aviation sector by exploring the possibilities in spatial composition, the implementation of the innovative use of materials and the incorporation of regional features into the design set forth to international standards.

The objectives set:

•Incorporation of the commercial facilities inside the airport terminal in view of revenue generation.
•Intervention of the airport complex into the region leading to the overall development of the region.
•Evolution of a design concept that shall interlace the inferences from the case studies and the aims intuitive of the project.
•To relish the beauty of the complexity involved in the construction of such huge scale project.
•The effective circulation of the passengers and other population forming part of the airport functioning.
•An approach to tackle issues related to visitor without compromise in security.
•Explore the possibilities of design of large spaces.

The Main ISSUE tackled here was the issue of visitor comfort which have been neglected time and again in the Indian airports. There was a need to address this issue in the project because of the potential and resource that could be tapped from this issue of visitor comfort.

Seejo Purushothaman

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