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Reciprocal Structutre Deployable possibilities for their architectural application

Part 1 Dissertation 2004
Esteban Jordan
National University of Colombia - Bogotá campus Bogotá Colombia
In this investigation, they were to find possibilities of efficient dynamics (understanding efficient dynamics as the folding from the system to a minimum of possible volume); for it, it was necessary to study in a previous stage a geometry that contains the reciprocal modules, trying to simplify by means of her the analysis of the topologies characteristics of the modules.

With base in the study of the geometry, they were carried out dynamics proposals in the reciprocal structure modules, arriving to two different solutions, one that was called of pivots in the vertex and the other of reciprocal scissors; both fulfilled the principle of efficient dynamics that was looked for.

With the purpose of being able to conquer big lights, it was opted to already conform reciprocal nets starting from the dynamic modules studied; for this end the principles of the plane geometric nets were analyzed, achieving by means of these orderly groupings of dynamic reciprocal structure modules, inscribing them inside the geometric mesh.

When obtaining a solid base of geometric analysis and of conformation of nets of dynamic reciprocal modules, the structural aspects of the elements were studied that conforming the modules, with the purpose of being able to establish an approach to the material to use. Proposals of constructive type were developed as for the topics of unions among elements in a net, as well as possibilities of supports that controlled the dynamics of the system, the foundation and the possibilities of skin that didn't truncate the dynamic action of the net.

To be concluded It was analyzed all the conclusions of the carried out investigation and it was took decisions it has more than enough efficiency, with the purpose of developing an architectural proposal.
It was thought about like architectural topic that of deployable pavilion of a traveling fair, taking advantage of this way the dynamic kindness of the reciprocal structures. It was studied like design principle the mystic around an exhibition and it was established the topic of the identity as part of the development of the architectural proposal.

Esteban Jordan

As director of this investigation project, I can consider that is important the topic because it integrates two types of structures about which the investigation that has been carried out from the point of view of the architects is minimum.
These structural types are the reciprocal frames and the deployable structures.

The obtained result contributes novel structural proposals and it approaches to the applicability in architecture developing the unions, light weight structures as the skin, grouping possibilities and the supports; gathering these concepts in an architectural proposal, as conclusion of the investigation.

María Claudia Villate Matiz

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