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Don't play Doctor with a Vet

Part 2 Dissertation 2005
Backman Pelle
KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Don’t play Doctor with a Vet, written part of Diploma work “STUFF” - Book,

The world leaves an imprint on us and we on it. If our physical surroundings
has any effect and meaning to us people it’s fairly obvious that it can be
used to further human kind in all conceivable ways. How much of that is a
part of you? Is there a collective human experience?

How does an idea enter the world? Could it ever exist anywhere else? The
world as we know it is coming from two directions; your mind and everything
outside of it. Architecture could be the most potent instrument for fixing
this point. Every attempt will also be a disturbance of at least one end.

In a modern capitalist society you’re not only allowed to be somebody -
you’re also not really allowed not to be somebody. People today are getting
increasingly preoccupied with what they look like, with who they are.
Reality is a slippery thing. It can be approximated. It can be described.
The description itself, the idea of trying even, acts as both cage and
creator for our understanding of this world.
There are two limitations to everything man-made; the idea and what there is
to realize it with. To mankind as a whole this means everything we can lay
our hands on.

There is a lot to be said about architecture. A lot of things has been said
about it. Architecture isn’t decipherable like a language, but chances are
it could be the most powerful embodiment of the human spirit.
Architecture has a potential of immeasurable proportions, but do we realize
that? Who realizes that? How do we know that we live in the world we want to
live in? Is there an experience beyond references?

Don’t play Doctor with a Vet has more of the characteristics of a beginning
than an end. Is there anything such as a purely architectural experience?
Though inarguably subjective, is a sensual experience in fact more
meaningful and more universally valid than a culturally bound one?

Backman Pelle

Pelle Backman’s dissertation – part of a more complex work - describes in an associative and somewhat hilarious manner aspects of the built environment, both fictions and in the real world, outside the field of established architectural traditions.
The interlocking essays explore the role of context in architecture, as well as the caracteristics of structures in architectural projects removed from an architectural context - historically, culturally and procurement-wise – focusing on their interactivity with socio-cultural issues.
This is done with considerable passion for architecture and it’s possible role in post-industrial society, with metods fully coherent with the intended purpose.

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