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The public exhibition of architecture.

Part 2 Dissertation 2005
Adrian Pheiffer
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Romania
The public exhibition of architecture.
Today, the idea of instructing the public about architecture has debased in two different ways. The exhibitions of “ ordinary “ architects are over diluted, making the exhibit a thing accessible without guidance, and those of “ topnotch “ architects are heavy, so impossible of being approached. In both ways the intention of educating the general public is wasted.
As a dissertation work for graduating from a school of architecture is meant to be the final and maximum exercise of writing a specialized text of all the exercises during the architectural studies, I propose you the counter exercise, the counter work, where the challenge is to write for a public with no education in architecture, but with some interest in the cultural phenomenon.

Letter to my future clients.
How have you dressed yourselves, today? With an office space size S, which hinders you; with a performance hall size M, which you are wearing it for years; with a street size L, new, but already worn out at the corners; or with a XL park, which you haven’t putted it on since last summer?
Today, I wear the same blunted and off-color student room, where I learnt to look at it. It doesn’t bother, it is still fashionable for those who know how to watch it. But the others have begun to look for those “ manea “ spaces, to watch them dumbly-admiringly and to try them on. And without knowing, cheap rhymes of shaking the navel like a gipsy will follow the daily of their life, and no matter how loud they will play the good music, always “ Adrian the Wonder Boy” will be heard.
Give up at admiring seekings through districts with military code names: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and turn back to those quite walks on places like Lipscani, Icoanei Garden or Cotroceni.
Lift up a little your head and watch!

Manea= cheap commercial song played by gypsies.
Adrian the Wonder Boy= manea singer.

Adrian Pheiffer

Among the most powerfull qualities of the architectural realm is its "directness" to public. willing or not human being are exposed to architecture in their daily life.

Within a complex process of redefining and repositioning professional approaches the rather humor orriented one seems a verry effective observation tool.

The serch for contemporary idetity must rely on pertinent observations, links and recognition of society symthoms.

Cosequntly the stundet's dissertation atc as an "polis" tendencies dragger towards looking at architecture and ultimately producing it.

Lect.Drd.Arch. Francoise Pamfil

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