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Home of the Futrure - towards an Architecture of Invention

Part 2 Dissertation 2006
Bassem M. Eid
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Alexandria Campus Alexandria Egypt
Change is accelerating, but the places we create assume to be mostly static and unresponsive. People spend more time in there home more than any place else , seeing that the home provides a safe, comfortable environment in which to relax, communicate, learn, work and be entertained . Moreover, it is where people connect with friends and families, conduct business, learn about the world and maintain health.

Unfortunately, many homes as it exists today cannot meet demands or take advantage of new opportunities created by recent environmental and technological changes.

The question of this research is what will the home of the future be like? Will it be so automated, smart, that we will rarely have to think about everyday task at all? Will it be a virtual space? The research opens a debate about possible future homes as an interactive environment, unique, flexible, environmentally integrated space, helping people to communicate and live in a safe and healthy environment.

The thesis consists of three parts
Part 1: introductory part, and consists of two chapters:
Chapte1: definition of basic housing needs and qualities, and housing types
Chapter 2: distinctive housing projects in the 20th century
Part 2: theoretical part, and consists of three chapters:
Chapter 3: distinguishing forecasting methodologies and analysis of future trends
Chapter 4: core of the research, presenting possible consequences of future trends on home design strategies
Chapter 5: relevant projects, demonstrating future design concepts
Part 3: evaluation of future design concepts through two chapters:
Chapte6: home of the future concept, a framework for development demonstrating concepts and ideas presented in chapter 4
Chapter 7: critical analysis of future design trends and concepts in order to demonstrate design and production sequence in the future

Bassem M. Eid

This is a well-written and interesting dissertation on an important topic. It deals with important issues of domestic identity, modernism and context. Home design in the 20th century witnessed various changes. The dissertation traces the development of these changes, and it impact on home design.
furthermore, it provides a forecast on how these changes will affect home design in the future.
The dissertation satisfies an important criterion for first-class work - namely that it should be publishable.

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