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Contemporary Mourning and its Cremation Architecture

Part 1 Dissertation 2008
Jonathan Walker
Nottingham Trent University Nottingham UK
The Dissertation investigates the experience of mourning in contemporary society. This is considered along with the qualities of design, or rather lack of, in contemporary crematoria from around the world. The work also examines the historical context of crematoria in Britain with consideration of influential models from further afield, reflections on the need for memorialisation, materials used and the ever-present dilemma of the chimney. The primary sources consist of interviews conducted with bereaved people who have attended funerals at crematoria and analysis will focus on how these buildings have affected their emotional states before, during and after the service in addition to visits to crematoria currently in operation.
Jonathan Walker

In many ways, this is an exemplary dissertation: it has been comprehensively researched and the analysis of the disparity between the design and development of crematoria in Britain and in the rest of the world is perceptive and results in the production of a highly emotive and heartfelt piece of writing. The links between crematoria and wider (historical) architectural styles provide a helpful context, too. There is also a degree of sensitivity evident in the writing which engages and embraces the reader fully. This is high quality work - thorough and thoughtfully analysed.

Helen Beswick
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