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Socle Library

Part 2 Dissertation 2008
Sergio Baquedano
University of La Serena La Serena Chile
The public library is located in the south terrace socle of the Elqui River, in La Serena
This place appears as a relief of the old city, where you can contemplate through the river, the new city. The movement of the river come from the valley, meets the city and gets lost in the sea, those that generate new outlines that tile from the socle the old city to the new one.
This way, the search for knowledge is given in a space of constant movement, finding not only book, but also moments of contemplation of the landscape.

Sergio Baquedano

Degree Project
Sergio Baquedano

La Serena’s “colonial walls”, have never been built by human workforce, During the Spanish colonization, the conquerors found in the terrace walls, a natural defense for the recently founded city, and they still preserve the original size of the city foundational layout. Despite they have been fading by the city’s growth over the years, these formations have never disappeared at all
Sergio Baquedano’s Library has the virtue of restoring this original condition of “walled city”, because his work gets incorporated in the ravines and allows to explore it, deploying in floating ramps, that allow to read simultaneously the books, the river box, the new city and the forgotten wall

Rafael Canihuante Soto

Rafael Canihuante
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