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School of Archineering, Uea Campus, England

Part 2 Project 2003
Steven Phillips
University of Huddersfield Huddersfield UK
The Archi-neering School, The University of East Anglia, Norwich. 2003
Steven Phillips.

The creation of the Archi-neering school is designed to unify architectural and engineering education together, to create a new professional capable of being totally responsible for a buildings design, construction and completion.

The building is to forefront a demonstration of the ever-evolving sustainable culture and further the continued approach of the UEA to ensure that the academic environment becomes a more livable and workable space in which to cohabit.

The proposed Archi-neering school will also heighten the architecture available in the region, whilst rectifying the current lack of architectural voice in the East of England.

The thesis and agenda, for exploration in the design was as follows: new identity, form follows event, vigorous environments, one common goal, renewable integration, communication, vision, metabolist and adaptation.

The concept for the school is defined under 'gateway' and that the building form is representative of the school opening up and welcoming people in. The form is designed to represent architectural engineering with an emphasis on sustainability and renewable technology whilst developing the theories of metabolist architecture, which suggest building growth and adaptability.

Aside from teaching architectural engineering, the school will teach the representative areas of architectural engineering study, architecture, construction, planning, sustainability and structural engineering. The school is also to provide extensive research facilities, test rooms, studios and workshops, in line with the objectives of the UEA to explore new approaches to the way we build and carry out activities, be it physical or practical.

The school is to be a highly environmentally responsive building, incorporating current and future technologies, to ensure minimum impact on the environment.

Steven Phillips

Steve has been prolific in innovating and realising ideas, exploring the notion of building type as a continually evolving test bed for technologies and user working arrangements. As such the building becomes the ever changing explorative process. Always in flux, adopting, adapting, heralding, and revelling in technological innovation, change and redundancy. A manifestation of metabolism.

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