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Part 2 Project 2003
Joseph Lee
University of East London London | UK
The aim of my work was to develop a synergy between the formal realities and limits of materials and the virtual world of genetic computer based techniques.
Cardboard was the prime material that was investigated and tested through physical modelling of folded plat structures.
Folding techniques were then taken into a genetic design process within the computer that took into consideration structural and material size limits.
Through this design process I was able to produce various component articulations, which pointed to the possibility of mass customisation in the development of components and prototype outcomes.
The work was then tested on a brief to locate the new School of Architecture at the UeL Docklands campus.
Based on the logics of the site, different territorial conditions were described. Agent-based programmes were developed to act as a feedback device to predict the emergent spatial organisations at the site. With the previous research on material and genetic algorithms being implemented to formalise the outcome.

Joseph Lee

Joseph has shown through his project that he will be an exceptional architect. Through his sensitive understandings of the limits of materials and his visceral pursuit of form through the use of computer controlled genetic based programming he has synrgized the two together into a result that points towards a new sensibility, between the materials we build with and the tools we create with.

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