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Architecture of the Remote

Part 2 Dissertation 2010
Isaac Barraclough
University of Huddersfield, UK

Isaac Barraclough

The post-graduate dissertation forms a year long quest. The narrative of this journey explores the Remote and the Infinite, drawing the reader into a parallel reality and engaging him in the Cult of these dangerous and corrupting forces.

The work evokes another world, an archaeological discovery and proposition that is both tangible yet mutable, mystical and allegorical, exploring and synthesizing multi-layered emergent themes, and enticing the viewer within the narrative and ultimate committal to the sect comprising worshipful scribes, readers, librarians, who are all compelled to share the quest of the ‘Cult of the Infinite’.

The reader is immersed in a philosophically formed esoteric proposition rigorously explored and exquisitely declared via an expansive edition of sublime hand drawn renderings. Fight Club meets John Martin as a spatial construct.

Mr Gerard Bareham
Adrian Evans
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