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Writer's Retreat - 'Quietness'

Part 2 Project 2003
Suk Yin Foo
University of Tasmania Tasmania Australia
The minimalist approach allows the writer to see space as it is, and to generate a state of mental serenity through the medium of emotion. Moreover, the design enhances the inner and spiritual dimension through the magical force of calm, luminous fluid.

Minimalism, as an inherent concentration of experience, enables the writer to obtain quietness of mind.

Quietness gives mind a space to think, making way for new thoughts.
Quietness draws things into itself and gives birth to a new thing out of itself.
Quietness begins a process of healing.
Quietness gives the writer a chance to hear an inner voice.

Suk Yin Foo

This design studio challenged students to explore the possibilities of architectural speculation. Students were encouraged to speculate architecturally on the nature of writing. In this scheme simple architectural means are engaged in the production of images that evoke the habitual occupation of the writer.

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