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Writer's Retreat - 'Intimate Space'

Part 2 Project 2003
Yuk Ye Phang
University of Tasmania Tasmania Australia
The retreat should be an INTIMATE personal sanctuary for the writer to inhabit, to escape from the centre of the furor.

Intimate space is not defined by the smallness of its dimensions, nor by the familiarity of its contents. Intimate space is a place which accommodates relation.

Hence, my intention is to create a place that cultivates relation between the WRITER and the SITE, so that the writer can take ownership of that environment in order to locate himself within it.

To create a special meaning in the writer’s relationship with the site, parts of the land are to be marked & laid out according to the writer’s ideas. This marker becomes an invisible physical boundary, helping the writer to claim his desired land.

Yuk Ye Phang

This design studio challenged students to explore the possibilities of architectural speculation. Students were encouraged to speculate architecturally on the nature of writing. This student explored the nature of intimate space. The scheme demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the nature of intimate space that is explored through an heroic interpretation of landscape.

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