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Part 2 Dissertation 2011
Ivor Hession
Ulster University, UK
I described my dissertation to a friend at its outset as a “metaphorical discuss of context”. On finishing this work to its current state, one which I hope to revisit in the future, I think that this is no longer a good description. “An investigation into the perception of context” is a better statement.

The dissertation starts at a point of building and then investigating context through a physical medium, the process of setting out to do so, takes the work into a discussion of how a person perceives that which they come into contact with, and then how their own values and experiences influence this interaction, both physically and mentally, which they have with the built environment.

This discussion seeks to take a architectural debate away from stylistic discussion and seat its self in a debate only concerned with the usefulness of architecture in the betterment of the human condition.

As I mention during the conclusion to my dissertation, “the icon has been declared dead”. I hope my dissertation can help to neuter such statements and generate reactions to them which say “So what”.

Ivor Hession

Dr Taina Marjatta Rikala
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