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Environmental Characterization for a Housing Complex and Tool for Environmental Characterization for a Housing Complex

Part 1 Dissertation 2011
Sebastian Latorre Sabogal
Daniela Cantor Romero
Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Colombia
From the perspective of the "how" understand "environmental sustainability" as a formative
structure of learning for the construction of projects and contexts comprehensive
sustainable, developed a methodology for formative research from the recognition of the structures and instruments preconceived departing from a critical review of concepts and valuable projects; also to support the theoretical support as part of the construction of an instrument that is capable of qualifying conditions optimal that you must have a project to be catalogd as "project sustainable".

The revision and sustaining it is converted to a descriptive assessment focuses on
construction of an instrument for the consolidation analytical applied to a project to be assessed within the "sustainable", starting from a problem. Questioning the reality and generating forecasts to get to certain recommendations; the scope, establish certain criteria to evaluate a project and measure their conditions to achieve a first approximation to the theme of sustainability.

Then, the construction of the instrument arises from formulating a schema from the
collection of masterful discussions of class and literature reviews of the theoretical content of the course; recognition of tenets of professional framed in history as is Rossi, Jacobs, Chadwick, Duany among others. That is why the study of themes project on "impact" and "consolidation" of a territory from postulates linked to the "sustainable" and classical theories of modern urbanism and contemporary.

Implement the table of characterization arises from the definition of variables under the three areas that are linked to the definition of "sustainable development", environmental scope, partner and economic. This involves the development of a diagnosis - prognosis of a housing project that it serves as a reference and a case study to perform a first evaluation test as a "methodology" evaluation.

The result is; how to evaluate a project of architectural design, urban academic interest to link various academic areas and implement the instrument environmental rating which allows us reflect that this instrument evaluates the design project and generates the concern to establish environmental characterization as a foundation for the construction of integrated projects.

Sebastian Latorre Sabogal
Daniela Cantor Romero

Fabian Aguilera Martinez
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