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Walking Thinking City

Part 2 Dissertation 2011
William Mckee
Robert Gordon University, UK
Mood, pace, sex, shoes, these things, seemingly insignificant can all effect ones perception of the city. Ones relationship with the built environment fluxes and oscillates depending upon variations in the physical and mental condition of the individual.

This essay traces the path of the solitary figure as he thinks and walks his way through a city.

How does middle-aged Leopold Bloom interact with Dublin as he tries to evade the chap who has been “boffing” his wife? What role does the Parisian arcade play in the liberation of the solitary female? To what extent has architecture of the shopping centre manipulated the mind and feet of modern man and to what nefarious end?

The following piece is an exploration of the physical and psychological rhythms of the lone man in the city…

Walking Thinking City.

William Mckee

Dr. Quazi Zaman
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